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Benefits of Membership in the Albion Landlord Association (ALA)

Albion Landlord Association (ALA) offers educational opportunities, resources, and peer sharing information that makes your work as a landlord more profitable, more fun, and protects your legal interests if there is an issue that needs to be addressed. By working with a group of your peers, you will maximize your investments and avoid costly mistakes. We work with larger groups to gather information and share it with our members, saving them the time and expense of membership in larger nearby groups.

ALA Membership provides:

  • Representation in the Rental Property Owners Association of Michigan.
  • Education- with local, regional, and nationally recognized programs.
  • Networking- meet with other landlords and learn from each other.
  • Screening resources- be able to phone in to get a credit and court check on a prospective tenant. Forms! Our members have access to professional forms approved for use in Michigan courts.
  • Advertising of your rental units - Chamber of Commerce Listing and Web hosted listings.

Contact Us if you would like more information about membership in Albion Landlord Association.

Basic ALA dues begin at only $40 annual, with $6 additional per rental unit and $10 for web listings. See our Membership form for more details. Download this word form RPOA_Membership_Form_11.01.2014.doc, print and fill out.

Albion Landlord Association advances the commercial, economic, and ethical principles of the rental property business. We do this by attending and participating in educational meetings and seminars involving topics related to landlords and real estate investment. We promote uniform and ethical management practices among landlords in an effort to prevent possible controversies between landlords and their respective tenants, thus building a favorable reputation of landlords. We are open to any person, partnership, group, trust, or corporation engaged in the ownership or management or rental living units that are willing and able to conduct themselves according to our code of ethics. We do not represent the majority of landlords, but many of those who care, do belong.

Code of Ethics

I. I will abide by the By-Laws of the Rental Property Owner's Association of Albion Area.
II. I will pay my dues on time.
III. I will conduct myself in a manner above reproach.
IV. I will make no derogatory statements against a fellow member.
V. I will share my experience and study with fellow members. VI. I will conduct my business in an ethical and legal manner.
VII. I will not willfully misrepresent my rental unit, such as in advertising or physical description.
VIII. I will abide by the housing laws of the community in which my rental property is located.


Our meetings are held the 3rd Tuesday in February, March, April, September, and October with the annual membership meeting held in November. Meetings are listed in the Albion E-Calendar.

To join

Contact John Geyer at 517-629-3109, or Susan Blake at 517-629-3901, or fill out the Membership Form and mail it with your check to RPOA-Albion, c/o Secretary, at PO Box 207, Albion, MI 49224
The Membership form is a Word form that will download to your computer when you click the link. You may type in the appropriate information, print it out, sign it and mail it in with your payment.

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