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Albion, Michigan

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Welcome to Albion, Michigan.

We are The Rental Property Owners Association of Albion Area, (RPOA-Albion), also known as The Albion Area Landlords Association, an association of owners and management relating to the rental property business. We are a non-profit corporation. We belong to the Rental Property Owners Association of Michigan and the Greater Albion Chamber of Commerce, also the Albion Volunteer Services Organization, AVSO.

  • To develop, construct, promote, maintain and advance the Social, Commercial, Economic and Ethical policies, interests and welfare of rental property owners through education, training and sharing of information. 
  • To promote uniform and ethical management practices among landlords and their respective tenants thus building a favorable reputation of landlords. 
  • To abide by all local ordinances and housing laws of the State of Michigan and the United States, thereby providing a better community and better rental facilities for its citizens. 


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Albion Landlord Association • P.O. Box 207 • Albion, MI 49224 • 517-629-3109